Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


How to Submit Your Views & Comments

If you find any links that do not work correctly, please email Info@pirtonneighbourhoodplan.org.uk so that they can be corrected ASAP for everyone's benefit.

It is very important that we receive your response to the consultation, particularly to the policies and whether you agree or otherwise.  Any comments would also be useful.  For these to be considered they must be received before 16th May, so please do so.

Each member of the community is asked to submit their views using copies of the form and the guidance given here.

Please use official Response Form, which you can get via this link for your comments, as it will make the task of collating views so much easier.

Response Form (PDF version)once printed this will provide replacement copies of the form or additional copies for other members of the household/community

Response Form (Word version)this will enable you to type your response before submission.

There a numbers of ways that you can submit your comments:

Please note that without your contact details your views cannot be considered.