Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


Questionnaire Analysis (Draft)

The PNPSG will be publishing hard copies of the analysis of the results of the NP questionnaires and delivering it to all houses in Pirton.  This will be done as soon as is practical after the completion of the analysis of the Youth questionnaire and after we have obtained finance to cover the costs of printing.  In the meantime, copies of the analysis of both questionnaires can be downloaded via the links below.

The Steering Group would like to publicly thank Becky Lewis (www.theinsightfountain.co.uk) for all her assistance in the creation and analysis of the questionnaire.

The community of Pirton have provided the Steering Group with a real mandate to carry this information forward and the questionnaire returns represent 80% of households and 76% from adults (16+).  Thank you!

For those without Internet or email access we will endeavour to provide paper copies, if requested*1, provided the numbers doing so are manageable.

*1 Make the request via, Jonty Wild 711383.

Adult Questionnaire Analysis Youth Questionnaire Analysis