Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


The Purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan

The Government thinks that the local community should have a greater say in shaping the way their local area develops - in our case the village and the wider parish.  This idea forms a key part of the Localism Act (2011). For locations with parish councils the way of achieving this is through a Neighbourhood Plan.

The full title of a Neighbourhood Plan is a Neighbourhood Development Plan and as the name suggests it is not about stopping development - in fact it has to presume in its favour - it is about identifying the need for development and, when identified, ensuring that the interests and wishes of the village are represented.  Here are some of basic fundamental principle which must apply:

The Neighbourhood Plan has to produce a long term plan (15 to 20 years or more) and once in place it can exert significant control over proposed development. To be accepted it must be demonstrably built on consultation with the community and when adopted it can give clear guidance which the planning authority must take into account.  As such it could be a very powerful tool for the village, not to stop all development, but to control it and its impact on the village and our community.  

It should be recognised that if consultation with the community concludes that the community does not want any development, then it is unlikely that a Neighbourhood Plan can be produced.  

In simple terms:

In addition a Neighbourhood Plan does not just need to consider development, but may also assess and influence the need and aspirations for the future, including village facilities and infrastructure and can recognise and afford protection to community assets etc.

All of the above relies on a good Neighbourhood Plan properly produced and that can only happen if he you, the community, takes part in the consultation, so please do so over the coming months.