Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


The Pre-submission Consultation

This was the Regulation 14 Consultation

4th April 2016 to 16th May 2016 (inclusive) Steering Group

The consultation stage of this part of the consultation has finished, we have used Urban Vision Enterprise CIC for professional advice and the results are currently being discussed and analysed.

Below is an brief overview of the response received:

Here are the initial results from the pre-submission consultation which ended on the 16th May:

In Answer to the question on the Response Form 'Do you Agree or Disagree with the Neighbourhood Plan':



In addition, there were a number of, sometimes lengthy, written responses to the consultation from statutory and other organisations, such as, NHDC, Historic England, Natural England, HCC, Chilterns Conservation Board, Council for the Preservation of Rural England, Barker Parry (agents for Court Homes), and Gladman. All responses will be analysed in detail by our independent planning consultants, who will report back on 4th June, after which the Steering group and Parish Council will decide on what changes must be made to the draft NP before it is submitted to NHDC and the independent Examiner.

Resident Responses                    140

Agree with NP                         129 (92%)

Agree with Changes                  5 (4%)

Neither Option Chosen              3 (2%)

Disagree with NP                      3 (2%)