Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2031

The Neighbourhood Plan - Passed Through NHDC Cabinet 23rd March 2018

More Great News!  At the NHDC Cabinet Meeting, following some very complementary remarks about what good news it is, how much work had gone into it and the level of communication and consultation involved, the Cabinet voted unanimously for the Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan to go to referendum in March.  

This is not just another step, because it is a massive one.  The Pirton Neighbourhood Plan now counts:

"9.4  As a consequence of receiving the examiner's report for the Pirton Neighbourhood Plan, the local planning authority must now have regard to the provisions of the neighbourhood plan as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications within Pirton parish."

With the Examiner's and councillors' comments and the vote, the PNP is confirmed as a high quality, comprehensive document based on proper, high quality consultation with the community and with NHDC, and a positive contribution to sustainable development in Pirton and the Parish.  

Next Step: Referendum

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Colleagues at the NHDC inform us that the Referendum on the Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2031 will be held on Thursday 8 March, in the village hall. Voting will take place between 7am and 10pm.

Official Notices which start the Statutory Process for a Referendum will be published, we understand, on the 1 February.

If you want to vote, please make sure that you are on the Electoral Register. You must be on the register by the 20 February. You can apply to register on-line at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote (you will need to have your National Insurance number handy) or contact Electoral Services at NHDC on 01462 474503.

The NHDC and the Parish Council will be sending out more information shortly.

Diane Burleigh

Chair, Pirton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group