Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011-2031

The Neighbourhood Plan is in Regulation 16 Consultation

9th February 2017 to 23rd March 2017

The North Hertfordshire District Council as the Local Planning Authority is undertaking a consultation on the Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan.

This is called "the Regulation 16 Consultation". It is a requirement of the process that the Local Planning Authority conducts an open consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan before it is sent to a planning expert, the Examiner, for the next stage in the process.

As a member of the Pirton community, it is important to that you continue with your involvement and state whether you support the Neighbourhood Plan, or you don't support it, so please take part in this consultation - tell the NHDC what you like and what you don't like about the Neighbourhood Plan. Your views have always been important and have led directly to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, and they will continue to make a difference.

The Neighbourhood Plan is available to view digitally via:

The Neighbourhood Plan is available to view at: