Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


Amenities and Facilities (Section 6 of the draft Plan)

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The related policies appear below the introductory text.


In the NP Survey 2015 returns, you informed us which amenities and facilities were important to you and also others that you would like to see improved or added. You also told us about the difficulties you had supporting working at home e.g. digital connectivity.

The purpose of the policies in this section of the Plan are therefore to ensure that planning applications for new development in the village:


Policy - PNP 10: Community Facilities

  1. Development proposals will be required to identify their likely impact on facilities, services and infrastructure and to demonstrate how any such impacts will be addressed. Account should also be taken of any cumulative impacts arising from new development combined with other schemes that have received planning permission.
  2. Development proposals will not be supported that result in the unnecessary loss of any community facility.

Policy - PNP 11: Support for Local Business

  1. To encourage business, employment, self-employment, homeworking and the rural economy, the community will support development proposals that:
  1. If It Is part of an established farm enterprise or rural business, a development proposal for additional dwellings that can be used by family members, holiday lettings or renting to local people will be supported. Applications for any such additional housing must be accompanied by justification for at least one of the forms of housing that the policy intends to permit. In addition, it will be subject to a Section 106 agreement which specifically limits the use of the property to housing for family members, holiday letting, farm worker or rent to local people.
  2. The Section 106 will prevent the sale of the property except as part of a farm enterprise or rural business or alternatively as an affordable dwelling, available in the first instance for occupation by local people in Pirton Parish.
  3. Development Proposals for new uses of traditional farm buildings will be supported, providing it has been demonstrated that the buildings are no longer viable or needed for farming.