Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

(Link to NHDC website document)

This document was written following public consultation and considers the amount of land that is available for housing development, with particular emphasis on demonstrating that there is sufficient land available to meet future housing targets.  In simple terms there are two types of site identified: those suggested by NHDC and additional sites promoted by landowners and others for NHDC to consider.  The latter are not Council proposals, however the Council has assessed each of the sites in the SHLAA to determine whether they are suitable, available and achievable for development. The formal process for choosing which of these sites, if any, are allocated for development is the Local Plan and this could be influenced by a relevant neighbourhood plan, such as Pirton's, if the community wishes.

The information provided in the SHLAA includes the official NHDC Assessment of all sites and they include three plots in Pirton (see plans).*2  Here is a summary of the assessment for these sites:

The SHLAA estimates that these two sites in Pirton could accommodate 135 houses and could come forward in the period 2019 - 2024.