Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


November 2014 Questionnaire Background

This questionnaire documents consisted of

The Questionnaire - Copy of

New Plan - shows proposed development sites and village boundary extension

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Questionnaire Results Analysis

About The Questionnaire:

Pirton Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire was delivered to every household in Pirton over the weekend 15th and 16th November 2014 and collected during the weekend of the 29th and 30th November.

PNP representatives delivered the questionnaires.

If no one was home at the time of delivery a card was posted through the door with a number to phone to arrange another time to collect.

The questionnaire included:

  1. The Household Questionnaire - with only one being filled in for each household.
  2. The main Individual Questionnaire - to be filled in by each person aged over 16 in the household. More were provided for each individuals aged 16 or over.
  3. The Youth Questionnaire - was delivered for member of the household aged between the ages of 10 up to and including 15.

The following explanation was given:  

This is one of the most important questionnaires ever undertaken in the village.  It is to gather evidence from everyone living in Pirton. The evidence from this questionnaire, along with other evidence, will inform the Pirton Neighbourhood Plan.

Previous consultations and surveys, such as the Pirton Parish Plan, the Housing Needs Survey and the Village Design Statement, have been used to inform the design of this questionnaire and will also be used to inform the content of the Pirton Neighbourhood Plan.

Robust evidence is needed for our Neighbourhood Plan, as it is a legally binding document. We are asking every adult in Pirton to fill in a questionnaire to make sure his or her voice is heard.

You may already have filled in the Pirton Parish Plan Questionnaire, the Housing Needs Survey or the Village Design Statement, and may wonder why you need to fill in another questionnaire. Although important to the village, unlike the Neighbourhood Plan they do not have any legal force. Evidence from previous surveys and consultations will be used in creating the Pirton Neighbourhood Plan but there are still areas and issues where more solid evidence is needed, hence another questionnaire.

The PNP questionnaire is one of the most important surveys ever undertaken in Pirton

If anyone had not received a questionnaire, or enough copies, by Wednesday 19 November 2014 they were given a telephone number to ring.