Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


Important NP Issues

This page provides provides brief information on ‘key’ Neighbourhood Plan issues:

Preferred Options Consultation (Link to more details)

Please note that the information on this document appearing below under SHLAA is still valid, however there have been some significant and important actions which progress the sites referred to beyond the SHLAA and have particular significance to Pirton.

There are proposed changes to the status of Site 64S Land east of Priors Hill (South), which is now referred to as Site PT1 Land east of Priors Hill, and Site 214 Holwell Turn, West Lane, which is now referred to as Site PT2 Holwell Turn, West Lane.  The estimated capacity of these is 88 and 47 houses respectively.

These sites were not originally included as official sites, proposed by NHDC, they were both developer led proposals, which NHDC were obliged to include and the numbers (capacities) was purely based on a calculation of area and suggested suitable density.  Their development was not identified as necessary to meet the NHDC's target housing allocation.

What has changed is that it is now proposed that these sites (PT1 and PT2) are officially recognised and included to meet the NHDC's target housing allocation.  It appears that the 88 suggested for PT1 would include the 11 affordable homes currently being built at the end of Pollards Way, however this needs to be confirmed.

The Planning Authority have consulted on this as part of the ‘Preferred Options Consultation’ and they are currently considering the views, comment, objections and supporting submissions that they received - details on the consultation appear here.

Proposed Village Boundary Changes (Link to more details)

These are important to Pirton because they have an impact on the land available for development and therefore the size of that development.