Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan’s History

A group of people from the village believed that a Neighbourhood Plan would be a great asset for Pirton and its future.  They voiced that opinion to the Parish Council and with their support a public meeting was organised to gauge the level of support.  That took place in the village hall on the 23rd May 2013.

There was an impressive turnout with over 104 people attending the Village Hall meeting on the 23rd May and many votes cast by people who were unable to attend.  The numbers are slightly complicated in that some were unable to stay for the vote by show of hands  so cast their vote on the night but by completing the form created for that purpose, so:

Following the public meeting the Parish Council voted for a Steering Group to be formed with the intention of consulting to see if Pirton should produce a neighbourhood Plan.

There was a meeting of those who expressed an interest in being on that Steering Group shortly afterwards and resulted in the formation of the Steering Group as it exists today.