Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


The Essentials

If you find any links that do not work correctly, please email Info@pirtonneighbourhoodplan.org.uk so that they can be corrected ASAP for everyone's benefit.

The intention of this page is to guide you to the “key” parts of the pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) - these are the most important parts of the Plan and for which we need your agreement or disagreement and make any comments or suggested changes, should wish to make any. Clearly the information appearing here and in the associated links should be read in conjunction with the full documents.

As part of the community you will be aware of the extensive consultation undertaken to date as part of the Neighbourhood Plan process. This has included advertising, this website, articles, exploratory and consultation events, questionnaires and the current consultation. The consultation has identified issues and "Key Themes" and, in addition, a 'Golden thread' has emerged and which now runs through the whole of the Plan and that is the quality of life for present and future generations. All of this has, in turn, led to the policies which are proposed in the draft Plan and which you are asked to consider and support.

Here we simply provide a synopsis of each of the main areas of the draft Plan (the "Key Themes") and the proposed policies that relate to these. It is very important to the process and ultimately to final version of the Neighbourhood Plan that you tell us where you agree or disagree with these policies and make any comments or suggested changes - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Each of these "Key Themes" is the subject of a link to the left hand side of this page. Once you have considered them you can let us know your views using the Response Form provided. To confirm details of how to do this and for copies of the Response Form (printable and digital) visit "How to Submit Your Views". Remember you must do this using the Response Form and between the 4th April and 16th May 2016 (inclusive).

Each member of the community can submit their views.