Pirton’s Neighbourhood Plan


It is very important to the process that you (and any other members of the household or community over the age of 16 years) indicate acceptance or otherwise of the Plan and if you wish changes to be made, to make those known to inform the final Plan to be sent for Examination.  It is very important that your give your support to the process and give feedback and comments during this time.

Everything you need to find to do this is available via this link.

After Christmas, the independent planning consultant, Alex Munroe, advising the Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group, asked for a more detailed review and analysis of the history of housing development in the village for the draft Character Assessment accompanying the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

The analysis of the youth questionnaire

The analysis of the youth questionnaire

The analysis of the adult questionnaire

To allow a public discussion of the proposed North Hertfordshire District Council plan to build a further 135 houses in Pirton between now and 2031 (the 'Local Plan').

Pirton’s questionnaire was submitted by an incredible 80% of houses.

13/11/2014 the Steering Group have been given a new map for Pirton which proposes previously unannounced boundary changes for Pirton.

This plan goes to NHDC Cabinet on 24/11/2014 and will then almost certainly go to full Council meeting 27/11/2014

We have developed this website: www.pirtonneighbourhoodplan.org.uk  

The Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area that Pirton Parish Council formally applied to North Hertfordshire District Council for has been accepted.

We have a budget agreed with the Pirton Parish Council, and a small grant from the Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning fund.

We have a constitution, a code of conduct and a register of interests - copies of the first two along with copies of the accepted minutes to meetings and other important documents can be found via the above links, the latter is completed, where appropriate, at meetings.

Current News & Progress